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NJCTE High School Writing Contest 2020

"Social Breath 2020"

Congratulations to all the winners of our writing contest! 


1st Place
Title: "There is a Promise of Light Even in Darkness" 
Student: Heather Roselle
School: Point Pleasant Borough High School
Teacher: Lynn Thompson

2nd Place
Title: "More Than a Hashtag, More Than a Movement" 
Student: Allanah Mednard
School: Pascack Hills High School
Teacher: Jamie Marootian

3rd Place
: "A Tumultuous Time"
Student: Kieran Cunningham
School: Morristown High School
Teacher: Claudine Priola


1st Place
Title: "Elegy for My Stupid Brother in College" 
Student: Catherine Park
School: Bergen County Academies
Teacher: Richard Weems

2nd Place
Title: “Foraging”
Student: Kristen Park  
School: High Technology High Schooll
Teacher: Kristy Agazarian

3rd Place
: “on the brown couch”
Student: Rebecca Guzman
School: Bruriah School for Girls
Teacher: Rachel Zylberman


1st Place
Title: "Mirror From the Past” 
Student: Celeste McKenzie 
School: North Brunswick Township High School
Teacher: Carolyn Hassenkamp

2nd Place
Title: “Two Days, One Step”
Student: Tessa Rothman
School: Glen Ridge High School
Teacher: Allison Gallo

3rd Place
: "Two Truths and a Lie”
Student: Gian Lee
School: Academy of the Holy Angels
Teacher: Nancy Schneberger

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