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The Patricia L. Schall Visual Literacy Award

In loving memory and honor of our wonderful friend and colleague, NJCTE announces the formation of the Patricia L. Schall Visual Literacy Award. Presented annually at the NJCTE Fall Conference, this award recognizes the significant impact of authors and illustrators who create works for young people. The inaugural presentation of the Patricia L. Schall Visual Literacy Award will be presented at the Fall 2021 NJCTE Conference.

Award Criteria 

The awardee: 

  • Should be one who illustrates/creates works with illustrations or visual art for children and/or teens. The work can include graphic literature or any form of visual communication that has touched young people.

  • Should be a creator of visual work of the highest caliber with sufficient depth for multiple layers of understanding. 

  • Should reflect the best of positive ideals that inspire young people to lifelong literacy.

  • Should have a body of work that appeals to young people.

  • May be a rising star or well-established author/illustrator.

  • Should accept the award in person and give an acceptance speech of approximately 15-20 minutes.

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