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Hall of Fame

The NJCTE Hall of Fame was created in 2017 to recognize those in the organization who have made a positive impact in the area of language arts education in the state of NJ.


This year’s recipients include the former presidents of NJCTE, along with the sitting president:


  • Lynn Carhart

  • Patricia Hans

  • George Martin

  • Laura Nicosia

  • Jennifer Persson

  • Joseph S. Pizzo

  • Susan Reese

  • Patricia Schall

In 2018, the plan is to induct into the NJCTE Hall of Fame posthumously the former presidents. Moreover, the Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of the founder (J. Pizzo), the current president S. Reese), and an additional member selected from the Project S.P.A.R.K. Committee.


In the future, those considered for the NJCTE Hall of Fame will be considered according to their ability to meet the following criteria:


  • Service to Schools - 10 years or more

  • Innovation

  • Outstanding Service to the School Community and NJCTE family

  • Impact of the Service to the School Community and NJCTE family

  • Well-respected by Peers

  • Evidence of the tenets of NJCTE Project SPARK (sharing passion and re-kindling knowledge)

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