Interested in Judging our Contest?


   NJCTE High School Writing Contest judges are NCTE and NJCTE members from around the state who desire to share their knowledge of literature and the writing process by reviewing entries for our contest each spring.  Our judges include retired and active teachers and professors, graduate students, even professional writers.


    New  judges are invited to participate in a short training exercise to familiarize them with the Google Docs platform we use to access the submitted works.  We also provide genre guidelines to clarify the judging process. 


    Judges can choose to participate in either first round or second round judging.  Each entry is judged by two readers in the first round (between January 22nd and February 15th).  Entries receiving higher scores move on to a second round (between February 18th and March 10th), and are assigned to an additional two reviewers for final judging.


    For more information, contact Michele Marotta, NJCTE  HS Writing Contest Director at

Professional Development Hours

 Our judges receive five professional development credits for each round of entries they judge. They are also invited to attend the Writing Contest Reception held at the end of April. While honoring our young authors, we also recognize the talents and contributions of our judges and other members of the teaching community who have helped to support our contest. All of you who share your time and expertise with us make it possible for an increasing number of students, districts and counties to participate each year.


NJCTE HS Writing Contest Judging Information

This document provides an overview of how our contest is run and explains how to become involved as a Writing Contest Committee member or a judge.