Vision Statement

The New Jersey Council of Teachers of English (NJCTE) is a professional organization committed to applying the power of language and literacy to pursue justice and equity for the students and teachers of New Jersey.


Belief statements:


In order to realize its vision, NJCTE will:

  • offer a community of practices, research, and resources, providing access for diverse educators and students to create, collaborate, and lead in New Jersey and beyond.

  • empower its members through professional development and cross-community connections to engage families, students, educators, politicians, and other stakeholders on issues of policy and practice in relation to language and literacy in New Jersey and beyond.

  • devote its resources to supporting and disseminating instruction, research, and assessment practices that support diverse learners in becoming critical thinkers, consumers, creators, and agents who advocate for and contribute to a better New Jersey and beyond.

  • will harness the resources of our national organization, NCTE, and the strengths of the state of New Jersey, to empower teachers and students to collaborate in the pursuit of justice and equity through the disciplines of literature, language, and literacy.