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NCTE Student Writing Contest  

NCTE offers an opportunity for students in grade 11 to respond to a prompt as well to submit a portfolio of their best writing.  Check out this contest designed to engage students throughout the country.



A Judge Reflects on the Contest

If you enjoy writing and reading good writing, encourage your own students to submit to the NJCTE writing contest and consider becoming a judge next year.


 I was proud to see my own former student, Janine Sullivan, a teacher at West Orange High School,  celebrate the recognition her own student, Celia Murphy-Braunstein, earned. These are legacy moments to cherish. 

                                                                                     -- Patricia L. Schall

Writing Contest Mission

The primary goal of the NJCTE High School Writing Contest is to encourage New Jersey students to write independently and well in response to a challenge outside of the classroom.  We also provide support for teachers to help their students grow as independent thinkers and writers.  We focus on guiding students to discover their voice as they draft and submit poetry, short stories, and personal essays.


Growth in self-awareness, and perseverance in visiting and re-visiting individual literary works to prepare them for entry in a competition--these are stepping stones to student success in other forms of writing and literacy, including those found in the Core Curriculum Content Standards.

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